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As 2019 brings in a host of challenges in the global landscape, there is obvious and great progress taking place in Thailand and the ASEAN region. The Chairmanship of ASEAN having passed to Thailand sees a concerted effort by the Kingdom to demonstrate open dialogue. Thailand's Government's website especially for the ASEAN Chairmanship responsibility serves as one of the channels of communication to provide information on important activities, meetings, decisions and outcomes under the ASEAN framework.

Australia's BlueMount Capital group has expanded business interests with a number of financial products and strategic partnerships across the region, and is working closely within the regional development framework. An MOU signed with the Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund (BIFFL) is testament to a growing awareness amongst private investment banking groups addressing the needs of regional Governments to work in Private-Public Partnership (PPP) structures to deliver on the investment requirements in order to successfully implement the many large-scale infrastructure development plans in progress.

Stark Networks Orpheus Energy powering railways with clean technologies solutions.
Thailand's SRT NSTDA sign MOU Agreement

The State Railways of Thailand (SRT) is the largest land owner in the Kingdom; regional cooperation, integration of technology and connectivity of international transportation infrastructure is solidly complementing further growth across property development, food processing and logistics sectors, as well as other business areas.

Thailand's SRT Property Development
Thailand's SRT Property Development

Stark Networks HK is working with the Orpheus Group of companies,  Government bodies, investment banking organisations and leading companies in all areas of project planning, development, implementation and management.

An emphasis is placed on development projects that are located in stable economies with attractive growth prospects.

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