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The Stark Networks vision is one of focus and attention to the details of each and every project. We pride ourselves in fulfilling our objectives in bringing life to carefully selected projects. Balancing professional business advisory and consultancy services to produce the best results in the most efficient manner, with integrity, honesty and ethical practice.

Stark Networks AG Sunrise
Stark Networks Sunrise

Stark Story

In 2018 Stark Networks moved its headquarters and principal operations to Hong Kong. With clear objectives and a focus on ASEAN and CLMVT real estate planning, development and investment, Stark Networks HK focuses on sustainable energy, clean technologies, large-scale infrastructure development projects and district energy systems, city and urban architecture, planning, development as well as advisory and consultancy implementation for client projects.

Stark Networks Executives

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James Wearing-Smith, President, Stark Networks AG

James Wearing-Smith

Founder & President

James Wearing-Smith is President and a Founder of Stark Networks, initiated in the Summer of 2017. By November 2018 the principals made a strategic decision to consolidate management oversight and operations to Hong Kong, China. Thus, the firm's operations are registered as Stark Networks HK. Sitting on the executive boards of a number of companies, providing knowledge, research and development inputs forms part of Mr. Wearing Smith's mandate. During the 1990s and 2000's Mr. Wearing Smith has worked for global investment banks providing his services to Commerzbank in Japan, JP Morgan Patersons in Australia, and Macquarie Bank in Hong Kong and thereafter moved into funds management positions with private investment banking firms. From 2016-2019 James provided services as an independent contractor assigned as Director, ASEAN Markets for BlueMount Capital, a boutique Australian group of independent investment advisors, providing inputs on selected projects in Australia and across Asia. He has proven valuable global contacts, and prefers to focus on projects throughout Africa, Asia, ACMECS, Bangladesh, CLMVT, as well as providing consulting services for clients in other parts of the world.

James is an experienced capital markets and finance executive with career experience spanning over 30 years. He departed Perth, Western Australia after graduating from Edith Cowan University and moved to Japan, where he started his career in finance as a licensed stock broker on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. James has worked for various financial services companies including Maruso Securities and Commerzbank (formerly Dresdner Kleinwort Benson), Macquarie Bank, AsiaVest Partners, Commonwealth Bank, Patersons (formerly Paterson Ord Minnet/J.P. Morgan) and private family offices in Austria and Switzerland. James worked in Hong Kong for the Macquarie Group, establishing trading operations accessing Japanese market securities. With AsiaVest Partners, a licensed fund manager in Hong Kong, James focused on special interests in managed investment funds, private equity placements, corporate expansion and was actively focused on assisting mainland Chinese companies to IPO listings on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

James has held various trading licenses when working on stock exchanges in Japan, Hong Kong and Australia dealing with a wide range of trading instruments including equities, bonds, convertible instruments, warrants and derivatives. James continues to work actively as an actor, musician, producer and executive producer in live and filmed entertainment and media and is a passionate and active supporter of the arts, actively involved in charitable events and causes.

Wayne Mitchell, Vice President and Executive Director, Stark Networks AG

Wayne Mitchell

Vice President and Executive Director

Wayne Mitchell is Chairman of the Orpheus Group of companies;  Orpheus Energy (Hong Kong) Limited operates as the head office from headquarters in Hong Kong. Wayne is also a founding partner of Stark Networks HK.

Wayne is a qualified accountant with over 40 years extensive senior management experience mainly in the natural resources, energy and trading sectors, beginning in Australia and expanding to South East Asia, specifically Thailand, Laos and Indonesia.

Wayne's focus is on environmental stewardship to meet International Emission Standards, with activities to benefit society and the countries where the Orpheus Group are active, with a special interest in clean energy technologies, Waste to Energy, and building and growing shareholder value.

Wayne's previous Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed directorships include; A founder and Chairman of Central Victorian Gold; A founder and Director of Diversified Mineral Resources; A founder and Chairman of Coalworks Limited; A founder and Chairman of Orpheus Energy Limited. Orpheus, via a Reverse takeover moved to the IT sector

Wayne decided to privatise and via a number of mergers and takeovers has brought his companies under the Orpheus Group brand, focusing on energy and related activities, and now has associate and separately owned and managed partner companies, in Thailand, Pakistan, Austria, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Indonesia, and the LPDR.

In 2017 the Orpheus Energy Pakistan team finalised an agreement to build an oil refinery in that county, size 20,000 BPD with construction commencing in 2019.

Wayne specializes in the areas of financial planning, fund raising, project evaluation, project execution and innovative technologies.

Wayne also assists companies making himself available for selected advisory appointments as a non-executive director of company boards for companies with a minimum capitalisation of US$50 million. Wayne prefers to accept positions with companies that see benefits of his involvement, primarily based on his experience and skills sets, particularly being involved for many decades in energy, mining and health-care market sectors in Australasia.

Stark Networks Mandate

Projects are carefully selected and the company does not entertain unsolicited approaches.

Stark Networks HK Selective Client Advisory
Stark Networks HK Selective Client Advisory