Thailand’s SRT ACMECS and the EEC Plans Progress

As 2019 brings in a host of challenges in the global landscape, there is obvious and great progress taking place in Thailand and the ASEAN region. The Chairmanship of ASEAN having passed to Thailand sees a concerted effort by the Kingdom to demonstrate open dialogue.

China-Laos Railway connecting PRC to CLMVT and EEC

Laos is entering a new chapter in it’s history, and is growing to function as a major hub connecting the CLMVT region.¬†Over the past few decades there has been an increasing focus on ‘sustainability’ initiatives like recycling and transitioning to alternative energy sources, coupled to tourism objectives, waste energy fuels generation, organic farming and sustainable […]

EEC – Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor

Orpheus Group and Stark Networks AG: A focus on CLMVT Development In line with Thailand’s EEC Strategy Here’s a brief video overview of the 20 year plan that is currently being implemented. Further information on the development of smart integrated cities, utilising modern technologies to create clean urban centres. The companies are working on a […]