Stark Networks Gateway Investment Connecting ASEAN to the World

Stark Networks HK Continues Global Investment Drive for ASEAN Projects As international trade issues fluctuate due to economic factors, Government policies, tariffs affecting international trade on commodities, and changing transportation networks, it is important to focus on value economics and cross border transactions. Switzerland has a traditional impression in terms of security of investments. Stark […]

Smart Blockchain Cities

As a collaborative Public Private Partnership (PPP) the Blockchain City*Siam project was conceived in 2017 and in late 2018 Stark Networks HK teamed up with Dawant Company Limited; hence the project is now being referred to as THE SEASONS*SIAM. 

Stark Networks AG and Orpheus Group of Companies :: Blockchain City*Siam

  Stark Networks AG (Switzerland) and Orpheus Energy (Hong Kong) Limited are cooperating jointly in building Blockchain City*Siam, a large-scale physical infrastructure real-estate project, considered as the world’s first fully-integrated “smart-contract city” utilizing blockchain technology as a functional operational IT framework that manages and maintains a commercial and social activities hub. Located in the heart […]